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Wildix Vision Handset user guide


Wildix Vision Handset user guide

Published: 30/09/2021


Vision User Guide

Wildix Vision Telephone

Logging Into The Phone

     After the phone has booted, Wildix Phone app opens automatically. To log in fill out the fields:

        • Domain: PBX name or PBX IP address
        • User name: Enter your extension number or email address of user
        • Password: Enter your WEB password

     Note: you can also use Google / Office 365 Single Sign-on option


    User Interface


1 – Status

2 – Voicemail

3 – History

4 – Dialpad

5 – BLF Keys

6 – Chat

7 – Web application Integration (this menu becomes visible only if you have configured it in App Settings -> Advanced -> Integration URL). More details in Web application Integration

8 – Settings

               Changing User Status

 Tap User status menu to set user status DND / Away

                             You can add your status message and by checking the field "until", set the time and date.

Call Actions

Placing Calls

From the main call screen, you have some options to place a call.

If you are coming from a legacy system, you may no longer require a prefix '9' when dialling.

Start typing a phone number and press the telephone key button, pick up the receiver or press the wildix speaker key.

If placing a call on a headset ensure the headset key has been pressed and follow the steps above.

You can also dial a phone by going to the history (see above) menu, tap the contact or phone number and press Call.

To dial a user who's been assigned as a colleague, simply tap the BLF Keys (see above) menu, select the contact and press Call.

Video Call

Tap imagewildix video icon during a call to start / stop a video call.

Answering an Incoming Call

To answer an incoming call, lift the receiver or press wildix speaker icon key.

Holding Calls

To place a call on hold, press the wildix pause key key during an active call. Press the wildix pause key key to return to the caller. To place another call tap wildix call key

and enter the number. Then tap the Green button.

Ending Calls

To end an active call replace the receiver on the rest. If on speaker/headset press the wildix speaker icon key or hangup on softkey.

Call Transferring (Blind)
      • Whilst on an active call tap the wildix transfer key key, this will place the call on hold.
      • You can now dial the desired extension.
      • Tap the wildix blind transfer key to complete the transfer.
Call Transferring (Attended)
      • Whilst on an active call tap the wildix transfer key key, this will place the call on hold
      • You can now dial the desired extension
      • Once the called extension answers press wildix transfer key again.
         Conference Calling
      • Whilst on an active call tap the wildix pause key softkey, the call will be placed on hold
      • Tap the wildix call key button to invite a conferee.
      • Once the called extension answers press the wildix conference key key to enter into the conference.
      • Repeat the above for additional conferees.
Accessing Voicemail

To access your voicemail press the image key. You may be prompted to enter the first 5 characters of your password.

Use the touch screen to select a message and press the Play softkey to listen to the message. You can press the Info softkey to see more

information and / or delete the message.

Chat and file Exchange

Tap Chat menu: all the colleagues added to the roster in Wildix Collaboration are displayed in this menu.

This menu allows you to:

      • Start a chat
      • Send files and Post - it messages
      • Monitor presence status / location of colleagues
      • Place a call

To write a chat message:

      • Tap on a colleague.
      • Type your message into the input field.
      • Tap the wildix send icon key to send the message.

To send a file, image (up to 100Mb) or post-it, tap the + symbol next to the input field and select a file / image / Post - It

You can disable new chat messages notifications in Settings  - Advanced.

Join Wizyconf Videoconference

It is not possible to start Wizyconf videoconference from a Vision handset, you can only participate (you must be invited)

      • To participate in a conference you must be invited by a PBX user. You receive the invitation to chat
      • Tap the invitation link to access the conference
      • Select Join to enter the conference room or Call to access the conference in audio - only mode.
      • To leave the conference room tap Exit the conference (X)

In order not to be distracted by calls received via the Phone app, go to Phone App Settings - > Advanced - > Allow usage of other VoIP Apps = On (in this case Phone app does not automtically during an incoming call).

For further assistance please contact the support desk by emailing: or by calling 01603 743388 Option 2

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