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PSTN Switch off 2025: Why you should Migrate to VOIP

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PSTN Switch off 2025: Why you should Migrate to VOIP

Published: 14/09/2021


Currently a fifth of exchanges in the UK no longer accepts orders for analogue

or ISDN services.


The Covid 19 pandemic has accelerated the process and has led to flexible working

becoming the norm.


Jargon Buster


PSTN Public switched Telephone Network, the old circuit-switched network that powers

traditional telephone lines and cables.


ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network. A circuit switched telephone network that transmits

Voice and data via digital instead of analogue lines.


Traditional Telephony A traditional or legacy telephone system runs on premises based

physical boxes connected by wires. Both PSTN and ISDN are considered traditional because

they still rely on cables.


VoIP or Cloud Telephony Cloud telephony or VoIP route calls through the internet, eliminating

the need for telephone boxes and cables and other on-premises hardware.


What’s happening in the PSTN switch off?


BT Openreach will be switching off all PSTN services both for businesses and homes. The phase

out will include ISDN services.


Everything else that uses your old phone network will be affected. This includes door entry systems,

CCTV, fax machines, Alarm systems and credit card payment devices.


Why is Openreach doing this?


BT Openreach acknowledges that the nature of telecommunications has changes drastically in the past decade, ISDN network can no longer support the speed, scalability and method of communications that businesses need today. This has led to Openreach making the decision to stop

investing into a technology that can no longer fulfil the needs of modern businesses.


BT Openreach is actively encouraging businesses to migrate from legacy telephone systems and

to adopt VoIP or SIP technology.


What does the switch mean for your business?


Approximately 2.4 million businesses in the UK still operate on PSTN or ISDN, most of which are small or medium enterprises.


If you’re one of the businesses still using landline services, the switch off will dramatically impact

your operations and you’ll need to consider how it will affect your operation.


You might thing that the switch off is years away and why both now? The truth is that the switch

off is happening now and exchanges are no longer accepting orders for legacy telephony services.

It’s also true to say that reliability may become an issue due to reduced investment.


Ultimately you shouldn’t wait until 2025 but begin the fact finding as soon as possible.


What is VoIP?


Also referred to as internet telephony, IP telephony and voice over broadband VoIP phone systems convert voice into digital data and send it over an internet connection. VoIP lets you make phone calls with all of the features of traditional telephony, but it allows for a far higher degree of flexibility

including integrating into a computer to enable ‘softphone’ operation where a physical handset is

no longer required. This also allows integration to smartphones enabling landline calls to be answered on the move.


What are the benefits of VoIP?


1.       Lower Costs

Calls are cheaper on VoIP compared to traditional telephone lines; this also applies to international calls.


2.       Higher Scalability

Because VoIP technology is not dependent upon a premises-based control box there is no longer a physical limitation, the number of users you are able to have will be governed by the bandwidth that

you have available. It is, therefore, crucial to take expert advice regarding the type of data product

you require.


3.       Supports Multitasking

Integration with other platforms allows the combination of video conferencing and desk top collaboration. These features are known as Unified Communications allows all your communication functions to be combined into one platform.


4.       Increasing Accessibility

Cloud based VoIP lets you make calls from anywhere using any device. All you have to do is enable your device with an App. This level of accessibility and flexibility has become particularly important during the Covid19 pandemic and will continue to be so as flexible working becomes normal.


Choosing a VoIP provider


Unsurprisingly there has been an explosion of VoIP providers and it’s important to choose a provider with the expertise and experience to advise you correctly. Telephony will be the single most important way of a business communicating, getting it wrong with choosing a poor service can have

significant repercussions. If your VoIP provider ceases to trade, you may lose your number. It is, therefore, important to choose a trusted supplier.





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