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Not all Broadband is the Same

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Not all Broadband is the Same

Published: 21/07/2021

In many ways broadband has become a commodity with a race to the bottom for price.

This has resulted in often sub standard products being provided with ISPs (Internet Service Providers) fixating on price and neglecting service. All too often customers don’t get the bandwidth that they believe they’ve paid for and this is often due to data traffic shaping that effectively throttles back the bandwidth available when the demand is highest.

The effect of traffic shaping for a business can be significant and generally the lower the price that is paid results in a poorer product.

So why should you pay more for a broadband connection?

There are a number of very important reasons why:

Higher Quality

If you choose a business only provider like Gamma you will get a high quality product and you will get the bandwidth that you pay for with NO traffic shaping.

Quicker Fix

If you have a problem business grade circuits are fixed with an industry SLA which is generally within hours rather than ‘best endeavours’  which is what applies to residential broadband. ‘Best endeavour’ can be days before an engineer visits.

Local Expert Advice & Support

Your broadband is supported directly by your local provider meaning that you haven’t got to navigate your way through a call centre. We’re able to immediately view the problem when you report it and arrange the fix there and then with minimal delay.

The right product choice

Broadband is not just broadband, there are many products and choosing the correct one is

extremely important, an example of this is if you’re wishing to carry both voice and data on the same connection it’s important that you consider the potential impact of large data packets on the voice element. It’s worth taking advice as a CONVERGED broadband which enable voice and data to coexist without sacrificing voice quality is the right way to go.

The future:

Currently the UK only has around 3% of premises enable with fibre to the premises (FTTP). This product has the potential to provide up to 1000Mbps at costs that were previously unattainable.

The Openreach target is to provide FTTP to 45% of premises by 2025 and is already been made available to areas where conventional broadband is not able to provide a solution. We’re able to let you know if you may be able to benefit from FTTP.

All broadband is not the same, there are different products for different requirement, the rule of thumb is generally the cheaper it is the poorer the experience will be.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to discuss problem you’re experiencing or would like to ensure that you’re making the correct choice.

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