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Horizon Integrator user guide


Horizon Integrator user guide

Published: 22/10/2021



Horizon Integrator


Table of contents;

Signing In

After installing Horizon Integrator, the application should automatically start. You will be prompted to enter your username and password to enable the software. Once complete, press Save. The application will now restart.


Your username can be found in your emails. If required you can search your emails using "New Cloud Telephony Account" in your subject search box.



While the Horizon Integrator is running, it will be displayed as a taskbar item in Windows. This can be found nthe bottom right of the screen


Right clicking the box will open up the menu for Horizon Integrator.



The phone option opens up an additional popup box on screen, allowing you to control what your device is doing, as well as start outbound calls.

image                                    image


The presence options opens up an additional popup box on screen, allowing you to see the current status of your colleagues. Note: Colleage must be manually added by the user. This can be done by pressing the +, which will open up another window top select colleague to add.

image                                         image

Call Settings

The Call settings option opens up a popup box, allowing you to control certain features such as call forwarding, twinning, remote office, do not disturb and withholding numbers.


Address Book

The Address Book option will open up a popup box, allowing you to search your personal and your company directory.


You can also press "New Contact" to add a user into your own personal directory.


Call History

Selecting the Call History option will open up a popup box, displaying the call history related to your extension. You can click on the number next to the called party to initiate another call to that number.



The configuration option will open up the settings for the Horizon Integrator, similiar to the initial start-up of the software. In here you can change options in the interface , setup dialling functions such as click to dial as well as call events.


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